Projects - Westman Agricultural Diversification Organization

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Ducks Unlimited Winter Wheat (2019)

Crop Types: Winter Wheat


Establish a fertility program to achieve high yield winter wheat

Ecotea trial (TBA)

Crop Types: Wheat

Centre(s): WADO

Evaluate ecotea straw treatments for residue decomposition

Effect of Mustard-Pea intercrops in root disease incidence (2019)

Crop Types: Mustard

Centre(s): WADO

Evaluate mustard as a biological control for pea root rots in mustard pea intercrops

European Flax Germplasm Evaluation Project (2018)

Crop Types: Flax

Centre(s): PCDF, PESAI, WADO

Screening European flax varieties

Evaluating saline resistant forages for land mitigation of saline areas (2019)

Crop Types: Special Crops

Centre(s): WADO

Evaluate various species of forage growth in saline area

Evaluation of early maturing dry bean lines from Morden for drought tolerance (2019)

Crop Types: Pulses

Centre(s): WADO

Evaluate germplasm of black edible beans on western soils

Evaluation of hybrids (2009)

Crop Types: Cereals

Centre(s): WADO

Evaluation of hybrids adapted to Westman region.

Evaluation of Soybean and Flax Intercrops and response to agrotain treated urea in flax (2017)

Crop Types: Flax, Soybean

Centre(s): WADO

Evaluate the potential to intercrop soybean and flax with the use of agrotain treated urea in flax row

Exploration of glyphosate rates for corn and hairy vetch intercrops (2018)

Crop Types: Corn

Centre(s): WADO

Evaluate the merits if growing hairy vetch in the understory of grain corn and assess tolerance of rates of glyphosate in hairy vetch

Fall Rye Variety Evaluation (2019)

Crop Types: Rye


Evaluate fall rye varieties for MCVET
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