Manitoba farms. Manitoba research.

Diversification Centres are non-profit, applied research organizations directed by local producers and business people. They do applied research and demonstrations on crops, technology and best management practices. Their work advances primary production while supporting sustainable agronomic solutions that benefit local communities and their surrounding landscapes.
The centres’ goals:

  • Increase the profitability, sustainability and adaptability of farms.
  • Speed up adoption or commercialization of research innovations at the farm level.
  • Facilitate the adoption of technical innovations or practices from outside the province/country.
  • Improve the overall growth of the agriculture, agrifood and agriproduct sector.

Transfer of technology is a priority, ensuring producers and industry have access to project results, technical information and emerging opportunities through displays, annual reports, field days and tours.

There are four Diversification Centres across the province, in a variety of agro-climatic conditions and soil types to highlight the response of crops in different growing conditions. Click the links to learn more about each Centre.

Working with Diversification Centres

Producers, entrepreneurs, researchers, universities and governments are all welcome to contact these centres about potential projects or new ideas. Funding for some projects may be available through the Canadian Ag Partnership (CAP) programs.