Grain Drying Cost Calculator

Note: This budget is only a guide and is not intended to be an in-depth study of grain drying. Interpretation and utilization of this information is the responsibility of the user. If you need help with a budget, contact your local Manitoba Agriculture office. No liability for decisions based on this publication is assumed.

Dryer Type
Grain Type
Estimated Market Price per Tonne of Crop /tonne
Outside Air Temp (Celsius), at time of drying °C
Temperature of Drying Air (Celsius) °C
Initial Moisture Content of Grain %
Final Moisture Content of Grain %
Batch Dryers Only 
Holding Capacity Units
Holding Capacity of Dryer
Capacity in Cubic Meters m3
Hours to Dry a Batch hours
Continuous Flow Dryers Only 
Approximate Drying Rate Units
Drying Rate XXX
Drying Rate in Tonnes per Hour t/hr
All Dryers 
Electrical Energy Cost ($/kWh) /kWh
Cost of Propane ($/L) /litre
Total Power of Electric Motors on Dryer (HP) HP
Tractor Size Required to Drive Dryer (HP) HP
Labour Charge per Hours /hour
Estimated Hours of Use per Year hours
Cost of Grain Dryer
Cost of Auxiliary Equipment
(augers, foundations, electrical service, etc.)
Cost of Surge Bins
Depreciation Rate on Dryer %
Depreciation Rate on Surge Bins %
Investment Rate %

Crop Drying Cost Report

Dryer Type:XXX
Grain Type:XXX
Initial Moisture Content:XXX%
Final Moisture Content:XXX%
Drying Rate:XXX Tonnes/Hour
Drying Temp:XXX°C
Ambient Rate:XXX°C
Operating CostsCost/HourCost/BushelCost/Tonne
Repair Cost$XXX$XXX$XXX
Power Costs$XXX$XXX$XXX
Propane Cost$XXX$XXX$XXX
Total Operating Costs$XXX$XXX$XXX
Fixed CostsCost/HourCost/BushelCost/Tonne
Investment Cost$XXX$XXX$XXX
Total Fixed Costs$XXX$XXX$XXX
Total Costs$XXX$XXX$XXX
Total Overdrying Cost$XXX$XXX
ASSUMPTIONS: 1. Fuel consumptions based on PAMI test reports and CSAE paper 84-211 "Heated Air Grain Dryer Performance". 2. Default value for electrical cost = $0.0793/kWh which is the present runoff rate. 3. Default value for propane cost = $0.42/Litre. 4. Hourly repair rate is 1.5% of new cost per 100 hours of use. 5. Tractor cost used is $0.4286/HPh) which includes fuel but no markup. 6. Depreciation Rate used: 10% on dryer; 5% on surge bins. 7. Investment Cost includes 20% salvage value. Note: Fuel consumptions on individual dryers may vary as much as 25% from the averages used in this program. See individual PAMI test reports for comparisons between dryers.

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Updated: May 2018
Author(s): Darren Bond, Farm Management Specialist, and Roy Arnott, Farm Management Specialist