Regenerative Agriculture –Addressing the why question


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Field Days Briefs from Diversification Centres


WADO Ducks Unlimited Winter Wheat


PESAI Why Wildfire Winter Wheat


PESAI DU Winter Wheat


PESAI DU Winter Wheat Fertility Trial


Seeding Rates Bushels Per Acre or Plants Per Square Foot


Reasons to Use a Higher Seeding Rate for Cereals


PCDF MCVET Winter Wheat Varieties


Nitrogen Benefit with Intercrops


MCVET Annual Forages


Intercropping Cereals and Forages


Fusarium Headblight Modeling


Fusarium Headblight Modeling Next Steps


Drought Tolerant Cereals


CHTA Fibre Sample Collection


Uniseeds Essais nationaux de cultivars ACCC CHTA National Field Trials


CHTA Cannabinoid and Fibre Sample Collection Methods


MCVET Annual Forage Trial


Quinoa Variety Evaluation


Field Peas Variety Evaluation


Winter Wheat Fertility Management


Nutrient Uptake in Buckwheat


Plant Stand for Spring Cereals


Corn Variety Evaluation


Potato Compaction Study


Potato Wind Erosion Study


CMCDC Research Capacity and Overview


Mustard Biofumigation in Potatoes 2021 Update


Potato Nitrogen Study 2021 Update


Potato Sulphur Study 2021 Update


Cannabinoids – Jeff Kostuik – PCDF


Hemp Environmental Damage – Jeff Kostuik – PCDF


Hemp Fertility – Jeff Kostuik – PCDF


Hemp Field Selection – Jeff Kostuik – PCDF


Hemp Harvest Management – Jeff Kostuik – PCDF


Hemp Pest Management Jeff Kostuik – PCDF


Hemp Seeding – Jeff Kostuik – PCDF


Hemp Variety Selection – Jeff Kostuik – PCDF


Why Winter Cereals – Ducks Unlimited – PCDF


Ducks Unlimited Overview – PCDF


Phosphorous in Organic Systems – Critical Lows – Martin Entz – PCDF


Organic Nutrient Study at Libau, MB – Martin Entz – PCDF


Manure Application in Organic Systems – Martin Entz – PCDF


Phosphorous – Long Term Management for Organics – Martin Entz – PCDF


Transitioning to Organic – Phosphorous – Martin Entz – PCDF


Rock Phosphate in Prairie Organic Systems – Martin Entz – PCDF


Oat Breeding – Aaron Beattie – PCDF


Evaluating Annual Forages in Interlake


Intercropping Research in Interlake region of Manitoba


Mustard Biofumigation Project


Nitrogen Remediation Study


Field Variability Study


Sulphur Remediation Study


Nitrogen Dynamics within the Potato Root Zone


Fertilizer Management in High Yielding Spring Wheat


Winter Wheat Fertility Management


WADO’s Virtual Tour Series 2020:

Winter Wheat Fertility Practices for High Yield and Protein


WADO’s Virtual Tour 2020: Crop Research & Opportunities in Southwest Manitoba


On the Frontiers of Regenerative – Ag Scott Chalmers


Have you ever wondered what kind of research goes on at our four Diversification Centres? Check out this video for an insight of all diversification centres:


In 2018, PCDF marked its 22nd year in the field.  Take a trip in the “Wayback Machine” with this video, made circa 2000, which shows some of the work that PCDF was involved in during its early years.  Agriculture is changing.  The MB Diversification Centres are still at work to make sure Manitoba’s farmers stay on the cutting edge of that change.


Have a look at both videos from PESAI’s SmartDay Tour in Arborg on July 19, 2018. PESAI had 45 different applied research trials which included cereals, pulses, oilseeds, corn, and special crops. Speakers covered a wide range of research topics from seeding depth to fertility management. Hope to see you there next year!