Trial Reports (by Crop Type)


Intercropping corn and hairy vetch (2018-2020)

Crop Types: Corn, Vetch

Centre(s): WADO

1. To evaluate the merits of growing hairy vetch in the understory of grain corn 2. To evaluate tolerance level of hairy vetch to different types and dosages of herbicides: Roundup (540 g ae ac-1), Basagran, Koril and Mextrol

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Oat-Hairy Vetch Intercropping Demonstration (2018-2019) and Seeding Rate Evaluation (2019) (2018-2019)

Crop Types: Oats, Vetch

Centre(s): PCDF

To demonstrate the use of intercropping for grain, forage and soil nutrient management

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The Effect of Grazing and Non-grazing of Annual Green Manures on Following Crops – Establishment Year (2019)

Crop Types: Alfalfa, Brome, Clover, Vetch

Centre(s): PCDF

To demonstrate the use of an annual green manure crop for grazing by livestock and to provide fertility for the following crop (2019); and to evaluate the performance of three annual field crops after a green manure crop, with and without grazing (2020).

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