Trial Report Summary

Manitoba Crop Variety Evaluation Trials (MCVET)

Crop Type(s):
Barley, Fababeans, Flax, Oats, Peas, Rye, Soybean, Wheat

Manitoba Crop Variety Evaluation Trials (MCVET) facilitates variety evaluations of many different crop types in this province. PCDF’s unique position on the Manitoba Saskatchewan border provides it with opportunities to also work with the Saskatchewan Variety
Performance Group.

The purpose of the MCVET and SVPG trials is to grow both familiar (checks or reference) and new varieties side by side in a replicated manner in order to compare and contrast various variety characteristics such as yield, maturity, protein content, disease tolerance, and many others.

During 2017, PCDF did variety trials in Spring wheat, Fall Rye, Oats, Barley, Faba beans, Flax, Soybeans (both RoundUp Ready and conventional) and Peas. The Winter Wheat trial was discontinued due to spray drift damage, and one Spring Wheat trial was discontinued due to weed issues.

From each MCVET site across the province, yearly data is collected, combined, and summarized in the ‘Seed Manitoba 2017’ guide. Hard copies are available at most Manitoba Agriculture and Ag Industry Offices.


Entire findings are available by downloading the report PDF.

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