Trial Report Summary

Advanced Six-Row Feed Barley Evaluation

Crop Type(s):

Dr. Ana Badea – Barley Breeder, AAFC Brandon
Rudy Von Hertzberg – Research Technician, AAFC Brandon


The barley breeding effort at AAFC Brandon is aiming to develop new varieties of six-row malting barley well-suited to western Canada with improved disease resistance and agronomic performance combined with enhanced quality. The lines that do not meet the quality malting profile are evaluated for feed purposes with a focus on high grain yield. In the current study, 12 barley varieties were evaluated at Arborg site.

Project Findings:

Barley is commonly grown for malting but can also be grown for human food and animal feed. For feeding purposes, barley grain is used primarily as an energy and protein source in beef cattle diets. Ten advanced barley breeding lines evaluated in this trial did not show any promise as they were not better in grain yield as compared to check barley varieties.


Entire findings are available by downloading the report PDF.

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