Projects (by Crop Type)

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Ducks Unlimited Winter Wheat (2019)

Crop Types: Winter Wheat

Centre(s): WADO

Ecotea trial (TBA)

Crop Types: Wheat

Centre(s): WADO

Evaluate ecotea straw treatments for residue decomposition

Effect of Mustard-Pea intercrops in root disease incidence (2019)

Crop Types: Mustard

Centre(s): WADO

Evaluate mustard as a biological control for pea root rots in mustard pea intercrops

European Flax Germplasm Evaluation Project (2018)

Crop Types: Flax

Centre(s): PCDF, PESAI, WADO

Screening European flax varieties

Evaluating saline resistant forages for land mitigation of saline areas (2019)

Crop Types: Special Crops

Centre(s): WADO

Evaluate various species of forage growth in saline area

Evaluating yield potential of new winter wheat varieties (2019)

Crop Types: Winter Wheat

Centre(s): PESAI

Establishing a fertility program to achieve high yield winter wheat

Evaluation of early maturing dry bean lines from Morden for drought tolerance (2019)

Crop Types: Pulses

Centre(s): WADO

Evaluate germplasm of black edible beans on western soils

Evaluation of hybrids (2009)

Crop Types: Cereals

Centre(s): WADO

Evaluation of hybrids adapted to Westman region.

Evaluation of Soybean and Flax Intercrops and response to agrotain treated urea in flax (2017)

Crop Types: Flax, Soybean

Centre(s): WADO

Evaluate the potential to intercrop soybean and flax with the use of agrotain treated urea in flax row
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