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Montra Crop Science (2019-2021)

Crop Types: Canola

Centre(s): PESAI

Montra Crop Science has sustainable organic plant and soil supplements. These products naturally chelate minerals and increase uptake of nutrients for the plant by supporting the biology in the soil and in the plant. The current project is designed to determine if efficacy of post emergence herbicides and crop fertilizers can be enhanced when used in conjunction with organic acid products. PESAI will perform a three-year trial on Canola and Soybeans to see effect of organic acid products. This trial will include soil testing, plant tissue testing, emergence and plant vigor ratings, pest pressure, and yield.

Quinoa Variety Evaluation (2018)

Crop Types: Quinoa

Centre(s): PCDF, PESAI, WADO

evaluate varieties of quinoa

Silage Corn Variety Trial (2018-2019)

Crop Types: Corn

Centre(s): PESAI

Testing a new lure for Diamondback Moth, Plutella xylostella (2019)

Crop Types:

Centre(s): PESAI

To identify an optimal lure from a consistent source to monitor diamondback moth for the Prairie Pest Monitoring Network.

University of Manitoba FHB Modelling (2019)

Crop Types: Barley, Wheat, Winter Wheat


Evaluate yield potential of new winter wheat varieties

Winter Wheat Variety Evaluation (2019)

Crop Types: Winter Wheat


Evaluate winter wheat varieties for MCVET
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