Trial Report Summary

The Effect of Seeding Date on Three Varieties of Industrial Hemp in Manitoba

Crop Type(s):

Hemp Genetics, Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers, Manitoba Harvest


To understand the effect of seeding date by variety on industrial hemp grain yields.

Project Findings:
  • Katani out performed X59 in most situations with regard to overall CBD content; however, X59 produced more biomass. Variety selection would therefore depend on extraction efficiencies.
  • Maximum CBD content related directly to the level of maturity of the plant.
  • CBD concentration increases as you move from bottom to the top of the inflorescence.
  • CBD concentration seems to reach a maximum faster in higher seeding rates possibly due to a more rapid and even maturity.
  • Greater seeding rate result in small heads but more of them (greater density/m2) resulting in the greatest amount of CBD harvested per hectare.
  • Optimal harvest timing for CBD content is during last week of August, but may be extended into early September, especially for late seeded crops. The lower biomass associated with later seeding negates any content gains; however, later seeding may slightly extend harvest harvest window to spread logistical risk.
  • Additional Potassium did not impact CBD levels.
  • More research is required.



With the October 17th legalization of recreational marijuana and deregulation of industrial hemp, CBD, a cannabinoid found in both marijuana and hemp has become a sought after agriculture commodity.  This is mainly due to the perception that CBD can be more economically produced in the field while, for various quality control (hemp and marijuana) and security reasons, high THC marijuana varieties are currently best grown indoors.  At present, CBD levels in the industrial hemp varieties commercially available range from 0.5-2%.  Understanding how to maximize CBD production has not been a focus until now; preliminary information suggests large environmental and genetic variability exists.



Entire findings are available by downloading the report PDF.

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