Trial Report Summary

Roundup Ready Soybean Adaptation Trials

Crop Type(s):

Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers (MPSG)
Manitoba Crop Variety Evaluation Team (MCVET)


Evaluate soybean variety performance & adaptation to the Carberry and Portage la Prairie regions of the Central plains.

Project Findings:

As new varieties are added each year assuming they are superior to previous lines is not always valid; especially if the said lines have not been tested intensively within the region of interest.  Furthermore, even if a variety has been previously tested at the location of interest that testing will always be limited to the environmental (growing conditions) parameters of that period, which can be much different from the future testing period.  Therefore, the best estimate of future performance is the examination of performance over as many years of data as possible (or even adjacent locations).  This permits an understanding of sustained performance.  Varieties that are consistently among the top performers across multiple years will most likely remain top performers in the near future, with the duration depending on the actual annual yield increase due to genetic improvement.  For example, two varieties that appear to be stable performers from the short season category in Carberry include PS 0035 NR2 & 23-60RY with Lono R2 demonstrating consistent performance for the mid-season varieties.


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Variety trials for all of Manitoba’s major crops are conducted across the crop growing regions of Manitoba every year by the Manitoba Crop Variety Evaluation Team (MCVET). This performance data, along with variety characteristic information, is summarized in “SEED MANITOBA” and online at Both formats provide long term yield data as well as annual yield comparisons at various locations.


Entire findings are available by downloading the report PDF.

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