Trial Report Summary

Manitoba Corn Growers Silage corn variety evaluation trial

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Manitoba Corn Growers Association


In Western Canada, barley is still the major silage crop. However, corn acres are also going up in the recent years. Statistical Canada predicted a 38% rise in corn acres in 2017 in Manitoba as compared to 2016. The difference in producing corn silage in the environment of the prairie of Western Canada than in southern Ontario and the U.S. Corn Belt is we have a shorter growing season. Now with the short-season corn varieties available, producers have more options to grow silage corn.

Manitoba Corn Growers Association coordinates varietal evaluation of potential new silage corn varieties in the province. These varietal trials are done at different sites in the province and Arborg is one of the site. This trial was conducted to see production potential of different silage corn varieties in Interlake region.


Entire findings are available by downloading the report PDF.

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