Trial Report Summary

Hemp Fibre and Grain Variety Trial

Crop Type(s):

Parkland Crop Diversification Foundation (PCDF)


Hemp is remarkably versatile, capable of producing large yields of both fibre and grain. Varieties grown primarily for fibre are typically taller than grain varieties, although dual-purpose varieties are also available.

Recent changes to legislation around hemp production are designed to simplify the process for growers. For a detailed list of those changes, see the Health Canada Notice to Industry, Section 56 Class Exemption in Relation to the Industrial Hemp Regulations (Health Canada 2016). It is expected that changes will enhance the industry’s production and market development goals (Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance 2016).

A new company, Hemp Sense, will be setting up a hemp fibre processing plant in Gilbert Plains, Manitoba. The plant will buy fibre left after the grain harvest, and will process hemp grain. Contact Hemp Sense Inc at for details.
The present study was planned to evaluate different varieties of hemp for fibre and grain quality.

Project Findings:

Hemp varietal evaluation will be continued in 2017.


Entire findings are available by downloading the report PDF.

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