Trial Report Summary

Flooding Effects on Canola Growth and Yield

Crop Type(s):

Canadian Agricultural Partnership funding
Curtis Cavers, AAFC Portage la Prairie


Canola plots were flooded at the early and late crop stages to assess the effects of flooding on
crop growth and yield. Plots were also grown under non-flooding conditions for comparisons

Project Findings:

Flooding significantly affected canola yield and flooded plots produced only 25-38% yield as compared to control canola plots. Canola in control plots grew taller and matured faster than the
flooded canola plots. Lodging was more evident in late-flooded canola plots. The current study had only one canola variety (L233P) but this test will be expanded in the future by including more than one canola variety


Extreme moisture in Manitoba causes significant losses to farmers. Canola is quite susceptible to water logging and shows a yield reduction if exposed to excess moisture in the earlier phase of crop growth. Wet soils cause an oxygen deficiency, which reduces root respiration and growth (Canola Council of Canada).


Entire findings are available by downloading the report PDF.

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