Trial Report Summary

Evaluating yield potential of new winter wheat varieties

Crop Type(s):
Winter Wheat

Elmer Kaskiw, Ducks Unlimited Canada


Establishing a fertility program to achieve high yield winter wheat

Project Findings:

Grain samples were sent for protein analysis, but no report for these results has yet been generated. CMCDC will post a link when this report is available.


In Western Canada, winter wheat is a high-yielding, profitable crop, and it is good practice to match your fertility rates with your yield goals. Managing the health of winter wheat is important for its success, and fertility is a key player in crop health. Nitrogen (N) fertility is an important consideration in winter wheat production, and can be one of the most challenging factors for producers planning winter wheat. Selecting the right source will help ensure your soil has a balanced supply of essential plant nutrients.
Performing annual soil tests and applying nutrients to meet crop requirements will assist in deciding on the right rate. Applying nutrients at the right time will ensure nutrient uptake when the demand is high. Lastly, the right place helps minimize the risk of loss while increasing the availability of nutrients to the crop. Ducks Unlimited Canada wanted to evaluate two practices: the “producer practice” with regards to fertility and a balanced “high yield practice”.


Entire findings are available by downloading the report PDF.

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