Trial Report Summary

Advanced Forage Barley Line Evaluation

Crop Type(s):

Ana Badea – Barley Breeder, AAFC Brandon
Rudy Von Hertzberg – Research Technician, AAFC Brandon


To test the top barley forage lines from the barley breeding program at AAFC Brandon for grain yield and quality.

Project Findings:

Good early-season soil moisture provided excellent growing conditions for barley. Dry growing conditions resulted in relatively low incidence of disease, and appeared to hasten maturity for both grain and forage. The yield results for Roblin 2017 represent only one site year, and should not be used to draw broader conclusions. For more information, contact Ana Badea at Agriculture and Agri-food Canada,


Forage barley varieties produce high total biomass but usually have insufficient grain yield to compete with regular varieties when only grain production is desired. Thus, the barley breeding effort at AAFC Brandon aims to develop new varieties of dual forage-feed barley well-suited to Western Canada with improved disease resistance and agronomic performance, combined with enhanced quality. This report provides results for both grain and forage yields for these varieties.


Entire findings are available by downloading the report PDF.

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